Programming Instructions

  • To enter programming mode, disconnect the power for 30 seconds. After the initial installation it may be necessary to remove power at the fuse box.
  • Within 2 minutes of re-connecting power to the timer, press the Start button and hold for 10 seconds. The buzzer will sound 2 beeps and the display will flash “P1”.
  • Repeatedly press the button to cycle through the program options in accordance with the table shown on the right. When the desired shower setting is displayed, press and hold the button for approximately 3 seconds (holding for 10 secs will take you out of programming mode). To confirm your selection, the buzzer will beep when you release the button and the display will cease flashing.
  • If you want to change the shower prevention time between showers, continue pressing the button to advance to the desired prevention time. Press and hold for approximately 3 seconds (buzzer will beep when you release the button).
  • When in programming mode, the display will flash on all except the two currently selected options.
  • Holding the button for 10 seconds will return the timer to Normal mode. Failure to press the button during any period of 30 seconds will also return the timer to Normal mode.


Note: In a domestic situation the owner can choose to have the power supply manually switched on and off from within the bathroom. It could be associated with the exhaust fan (piggy back) and switched on and off with the fan. In this case, the timer operates normally while the power is on but turning the switch off and on again resets the timer to Normal mode – ready to go again immediately.

Shower Timer Options

In the following table, the left hand column indicates the cycling sequence and the visual display. The other two columns interpret the display options into Shower time and Shower prevention time:

DisplayShower Timer LengthWait Timer Length
P11 min
P22 mins
P33 mins
P44 mins
P55 mins
P66 mins
P77 mins
P88 mins
P99 mins
P1010 mins
P1111 mins
P1212 mins
00No shower
L0No waiting
1515 seconds
3030 seconds
L11 minute
L22 minutes
L55 minutes