PIN / Wireless Model Shower Timer


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Operation of PIN / Wireless Model Shower Timer

How it Works

  • Allows you to set a different shower time for each user using up to 10 PIN codes that you allocate
  • A 5 digit PIN number activates the shower for the time duration allocated to that user
  • Only one shower is allowed in a 24 hour period for each PIN number, unless you activate a special one.
  • One minute before the time expires, the hot water is cut off for one second giving the user adequate warning before the shower cut off
  • Wireless (radio) connection is available for easy programming


  • Shower and waiting times are chosen by setting the unit to the desired shower length and wait time, which is done after installation
  • There is no shower timer beeper in this model
  • The settings are changed by programming the PIN box unit – it does not need to be removed from the wall


  • In order to fit the solenoid valve (electrically operated water switch), you must have access to the hot water pipe serving the shower and you may need a plumber to cut that pipe and fit the valve.
  • The 24 Volt AC power pack is located near the solenoid valve so you may need to run an extension cord from the nearest power point.
  • The keypad (pictured) is easily installed in or near the bathroom. It is a standard power fitting (80 x 120 mm) and will screw to a standard backing plate. No wires are necessary here as it contains a radio transmitter.
  • Included is 5 meters of data cable to hard wire the keypad to the solenoid valve if required – however a very easy wireless connection is a standard alternative
  • Program the user PINs and times prior to use.
  • The shower timer is ready to use once connected to power.


Important Note: The shower head and batteries are not supplied.

You can usually use your existing shower head with the shower timer or save more water by replacing it with a water saving shower head!

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