Genuine Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it – listen to what our customers are saying (from all over the world !)

“Magnificent! We saved over $2,000 in the first three months”
– Victorian caravan park after purchasing only four shower timers.

“Fast delivery, fantastic item … my daughters will hate you forever.”
– Canberra father with teenage children.

“Very happy, installed it easily myself last week.”
– NSW mother with teenage children.

“Unit works very well, easy installation, easy setup.”
– Queensland host for overseas students.

“This has to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. My 40 minute per shower teenager learnt very quickly, the hard way, how to shower in 10 minutes. I can’t thank you enough for this great product.”
– Another mother with teenager

“I’m the guy who built the mobile shower bus for the homeless. Wow Sir your product has been spectacular!!! We have never had a single malfunction ever!”
– Dean Dodd, Modesto, California.

“Still original battery – over 12 months now. The device has been great (although my daughter probably doesn’t agree).”
– Stuart B.

“Thank you for making these. At the time we had no other option to get our teenagers out of the shower without yelling through the door every single time. We are very happy with our timer. It has lasted much longer than we thought, and is still going on its first battery.”
– Tracy F.

“The installation was done and we are delighted with the Shower Timer. Thank you for your assistance!”
– Valerie

“The installation went smoothly and I’m waiting to hear the results of its use now that we have some kids at the facilities. If no complaints of any significance, I’ll order the other 7 this coming week.”
– Keith

“It’s all hooked up and operating fine. So far first impression of it is I like it and it works just as I thought it should. Thanks for the help.”
– Robie

“Great product, installation was very easy, instructions easy to follow, works as described thanks!”
– Sammy

“The timers are working out great and have really cut down on our water consumption in the Parks.
Our employees LOVE them! Thank you for such a great quality product.”
– Heather

“You’re welcome. The product serves us well !We have recently shared this information at a state conference and there may be more inquires.”

– Dennis

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